Ability Commerce Named Multichannel Merchant Top Commerce Platform for 2017

October 25th, 2016 – Ability Commerce has been named a Multichannel Merchant Top Commerce Platform Provider for 2017, part of a list of leading commerce platform providers, selected by the editors of Multichannel Merchant.

“With the number of commerce platforms growing, Multichannel Merchant felt it was important to designate commerce platforms qualified and experienced,” said Tim Parry, the Managing Editor of Multichannel Merchant. “This online resource is a searchable database/directory for merchants looking to find the right expert commerce fulfillment providers for their needs.”

Shawn Ellen, Director of Sales Operations, said, “15 years ago, the direct commerce software mid-market industry was mostly dominated by Ecometry and CommercialWare. However, over the last 10 years, the continuous mergers and acquisitions by large corporations like Oracle and JDA have swallowed up those companies, leaving the mid-market open for new leaders like Ability Commerce. This list is crucial in helping growing retailers find us, as they search for whom will best help them succeed”.

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