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As data breaches are on the rise, keeping your customer data safe is now more imperative than ever before. One of the more secure and cost-effective methods for credit card data protection in ecommerce and order management is tokenization. This process replaces confidential customer credit card information with identification symbols (“tokens”). Making data much harder to obtain by hackers, tokenization maximizes payment security while still maintaining all essential credit card information.

Keeping the rise in data breaches in mind, retailers should ensure that they are compliant with PCI Security Standards. One of the requirements for compliance is not storing credit card information on their Point-of- Sale (POS) systems or in databases.

When it comes to our software, that's where tokenization comes in. Working with third party payment processors, Ability CCS Order Management System and Ability SmartSite Ecommerce Platform keep your customer's data tokenized and protected, ensuring safe transactions through all sales channels.

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