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Source Codes

As a multichannel retailer, being able to track the success of your various channels/campaigns is essential. Source codes have been around for a long time and remain the essential lifeblood for tracking in retail.

A source code is usually alphanumeric and has some sort of established naming convention or process so that different channels are easily distinguished and tracked. Before the era of ecommerce and online sales, source codes were primarily used in cataloging. In cataloging, source codes are typically printed on the back of a catalog and sent out. When a customer calls to place an order, phone agents ask the customer for their source code and input that in the order. The customer can then be tied to a specific list and identified. This helps catalogers track mailing segments and choose prospect lists.

Source codes are still important and prevalent to cataloging. But in the age of online retail, source codes can be tied to campaigns in an order management system, which ultimately can be used to track sales in ALL of your channels/divisions, including:

  • Website
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Store
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Programs
  • Social Media

For example, when creating marketing emails, each email sent out would have its own source code, which then would be tied to your OMS campaign established for email. This allows you to track the effectiveness and sales from each email that you send.

With Ability CCS OMS, adding and maintaining source codes is easy. Users can select the division (i.e. Store, Web, etc), add the source name, start and end dates, campaign its tied to, internal notes, order entry notes, circulation and list cost (when applicable), and curve template.

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