Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

Ecommerce Experts – In The Know, To Help You Grow

The world of interactive omni-channel commerce is ever-changing. We offer Ability e-commerce marketing services that provide a cost-effective solution to maximize the effectiveness of your online marketing, while staying current with the latest research and training. Our services are designed to deliver results in key performance areas. Expert attention to these areas is critical for staying ahead of the curve in today’s competitive marketplace.

Key Benefits

  • Best practice, top-of-the-line marketing strategies
  • Custom tailored, cost effective services based on client needs
  • Multiple years of experience in various retail settings
  • Expert training and implementation staff
  • Web development services
  • Email marketing
  • SMS messaging marketing

Ecommerce Marketing Services

  • Header/footers/base page design
  • Promotional graphics/banners
  • Static pages
  • Front end development (i.e.-HTML, CSS)
  • Contests
  • Sales
  • Customer interactions
  • Search display
  • Search results
  • Filter set-up
  • Cross reference terms
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Promotions
  • Institutional emails (i.e.-order confirmations, back orders, abandon carts, product reviews)
  • SMS promotional texts
  • Order tracking texts
  • Notify Me texts (price drops, rebates, stock alerts)
  • Taxonomy research
  • Site navigation management
  • SEO research
  • Metatag Maintenance
  • Short descriptions
  • Long descriptions
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Manuals and other PDFs
  • Brand and category maintenance
  • Data analysis – Google Analytics (AdWords Services - certified Google Partner)
  • Best practice research and development (cart & checkout navigation, mobile ordering, etc)
  • Social media and inbound link
  • Shopping Feeds
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Other search engines
  • Re-targeting ad graphics

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