Shipping Boxes

Ship Orders in Ability CCS

Shipping is possibly one of the most important aspects of order processing and warehouse management. Shipping your order in an efficient and timely fashion is vital to keeping your customers happy.

With Ability CCS OMS, orders can be shipped and managed various ways.


Ship Orders Manually

Orders can be shipped in two ways in CCS: manually and automated. When done manually, the user enters the necessary information regarding the shipment themselves. CCS also offers integrates with third party shipment processors to allow for an shipment via an automated real-rime interface. The Shipto and box information is sent to the third party where shipping and tracking details are recorded within CCS.

Once an order has been shipped, the order is closed out. From there, the inventory sale is recorded, various inventory and sale information is updated, and credit card payments are readied for deposit.


Import Shipped Orders

With this module, CCS users can upload package detail information on a batch of orders that were shipped using an outside shipping system. CCS supports multiple third party systems.


Assigning Order Pickers

With this functionality, a CCS user can assign a picker to each shipment within the warehouse. This allows for tracking of which employees picked orders in the warehouse.


Verify Order Shiptos

This is an optional feature in our software that increases order packing accuracy in your warehouse. When this is utilized, operators verify that all line items on the shipto have been packaged before shipping out the order. It also offers visibility on which items have been packed into which box.

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