Rimmer Bros

Rimmer Bros is a leading manufacturer and supplier of car parts and accessories for Triumph, MG, Rover, Rover Mini, Land Rover, Range Rover, and Jaguar vehicles. The company is proud to be a British company supporting British cars worldwide.

Whether you live in the UK, or anywhere in the world, Rimmer Bros always aims to provide the same high levels of service, product quality and customer satisfaction. This is accomplished with heavy investment in stock, technology, and service response, as well as highly trained staff. Approved by the British Motor Heritage and an authorized distributor for MG Rover and Land Rover parts, Rimmer Bros has been the top choice for automotive supplies since 1981.

Why We Chose Ability

“Deciding who to choose as your web partner can be daunting, however I have no hesitations in recommending Ability Commerce
to any company around the world. They have never let us down and have in fact far exceeded our expectations MANY TIMES!”

Richard Caunt
General Manager, Rimmer Bros

Our Story

It was 2008 and Rimmer Bros was selling via catalog/phone orders and online using their legacy EUROMACS (Mail Order and Catalog System for International selling) from Ecometry (now JDA) as their direct commerce order management system. Rimmer needed a more robust ecommerce platform to deliver a more satisfying online shopping experience, enable higher conversion rates, simplify web content management, and work seamlessly with their EUROMACS OMS. They also needed help with acquiring, converting and retaining customers through marketing services.

Ability's SmartSite was implemented at Rimmer as its new ecommerce platform, with UK selling functionality included (VAT, Flexible Pricing Display - GBP, Euro, USD, UK addressing). Ability redesigned and launched a new Rimmer website starting with 3 main product lines - Triumph, MG Rover and Land Rover.

Rimmer recognized the importance of leveraging digital marketing specialists that are current with the dynamic world of ecommerce to maximize online sales, which can be hard to find and a significant investment. Partnering with Ability for SmartStaff digital marketing services made for a better strategy at lower cost. SmartStaff brings a wide range of capabilities that Rimmer leverages where and when they need it.

SmartStaff manages Rimmer's SmartSite-based web store to keep content compelling and current translating to optimal sales conversion. SmartStaff delivers best practice recommendations for SmartSite feature implementation in a variety of areas including site taxonomy, rich media and content management, site navigation management, web design and graphics management, SEO, onsite search, data analysis and reporting, ecommerce industry best practice research and recommendations, social media management, online advertising management, affiliate marketing management, and email marketing.

In 2018, Rimmer Bros expanded their international Contact Center services and hours by partnering with Ability to open a U.S. Call Center.

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