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Radio Frequency (RF) In Your Warehouse

With industry competition as intense as ever, a streamlined supply chain and warehouse management process are essential for retailers to keep their customers. Our CCS Order Management System (OMS) utilizes Radio Frequency (RF) technology, proven to boost your warehouse management operations. RF functionality massively increases warehouse efficiency by providing greater accuracy with inventory information, improving labor efficiency, and decreasing order fulfillment time.

With the Ability RF Inventory App, designated workers can access CCS from an Android wireless device anywhere within the warehouse to manage inventory. Users can easily do the following with Ability CCS RF Functionality:

  • Search
  • Pick
  • Receive
  • Stock movements
  • Stock adjustments
  • Physical inventory
  • Cycle counts
  • Inventory Recounts

Searching for Items or Bins

Ability CCS Users can search for bin or item information using RF. When searching for a bin, a user will be able to scan or manually enter the bin number to see all items currently assigned to that bin, including warehouse information, SKU, item description, and the quantity in the bin. When searching for an item, a user can scan or manually enter a UPC or a SKU to see the item’s division, warehouse, location, and quantity in bin.

Picking Items

Picking is known to be one of the more labor intensive and costly functions in warehouse logistics. RF Technology simplifies the picking process and increases picker efficiency.Using the wireless device, a user can pick inventory so orders can be packed and shipped. This allows for easier and more efficient maneuvering around the warehouse for workers. There are two picking methods available: pick by item or pick to cart.

With pick by item, the picker leaves the cart at the top of the aisle, goes to the appropriate locations and picks the total amount of the item needed for the orders on their cart. When they return to the cart, they are then directed on how many items to place into each slot.

With pick to cart, the picker takes the cart with them down the aisle and picks items for each order on a slot by slot basis.

Receiving Items

Receiving is another vital warehouse function made easier with RF. In this process, a CCS user can update inventory received in the warehouse with the wireless device. Quantities are stored on the device until saved, at which time inventory quantities in CCS OMS are updated instantaneously.

Stock Movements

With CCS and RF, a user can move inventory from one bin location to another in a single transaction. What’s more, if the new destination bin does not exist at the time of movement, it can be created right then and there. For tracking purposes, an inventory transaction is created with the date and time of the move.

Stock Adjustments

Stock amounts can also easily be adjusted (positive or negative changes) in specific bin locations with RF. As with stock movements, an inventory transaction is created with the date and time of the adjustment. Users can also apply a reason code to each adjustment transaction (i.e. incorrect bin count, physical inventory count, etc.)

Cycle Counts and Physical Inventory

In the RF Inventory Manager App, a user can access Count Sheets that have been generated in CCS. These Count Sheets can be assigned to specific users or left unassigned. As counting is occurring in the warehouse with RF, these counts remained unposted but are recorded in CCS. When counting is completed, a user will use the Inventory Variance report to determine if any recounts should be done. If recounts are not necessary, final counts can then be posted within CCS.

Inventory Recounts

If a recount is necessary during the counting process, a user can generate new item count sheets in CCS. And using the Inventory Recounts option in the RF app, warehouse workers can repeat the counting process until there are no counting discrepancies, and subsequently can post the final counts to CCS OMS.

All of these capabilities in RF make warehouse management incredibly simple, efficient and accurate. RF is just one of many features in Ability CCS Order Management System. Contact us today to learn more about what Ability can do for you!

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