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For multi-channel retailers, pricing is the driving force behind many promotions and offers. With price lists, you can control the pricing of SKUs on a large scale for a particular sector of customers, or for a particular promotion. When campaigns (email,  Pay-Per-Click (PPC), catalogs, etc.) are created in an OMS, they are typically tied to a price list. From there, source codes are created underneath each campaign and are used for tracking purposes.

Price lists allow retailers to adjust item prices throughout the whole site (typically referred to at the "default" price list) or just for a specific sale to a specific set of customers. That said, having an order management system (OMS) that allows for price management through customizable price lists makes a multi-channel retailer's life much easier.

With Ability CCS OMS, users can create and maintain prices lists in minutes. In our price list functionality, a user defines the division (catalog, web, store, etc.) and adds their desired SKUs. From there, prices can easily be adjusted on a per SKU level, or a user can apply a formula to increase/reduce prices to all items within the list or selected items. Campaign and source code creation are also made incredibly simple, so you can create, track and analyze your multi-channel marketing campaigns with ease!

To learn more about our CCS and what it can do for you, contact us today!

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