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Personalization options on products allow online shoppers an opportunity to make the product truly unique to themselves or a love one. Offering personalization options, such as embroidery on clothing and engraving on pens and gifts, add a special touch and an extra incentive for online shoppers to become your customer.

Personalization in CCS

With Ability CCS OMS, personalization on your products is incredibly robust, but still made easy. With template creation functionality, a user can create and define endless attributes (i.e. font type, ink color, fabric color, logo/image) to create a template. From there, a template can be created with any attribute of choice and applied to items.

Personalization templates can also be created in Ability SmartSite Ecommerce Platform. As with CCS OMS, attributes and be created and added to templates, and templates can easily be applied to SKUs.

When Ability CCS OMS and Ability SmartSite are used together, templates are created in CCS and seamlessly transfer over to Smartsite. What’s more, when they are applied to items in CCS, they appear on items on your site almost instantaneously with Ability’s Whisper technology.

To learn more about Ability CCS OMS or SmartSite Ecommerce Platform, contact us today!

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