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PayPal Integration

PayPal is a renowned payment processor that is used internationally on a massive scale. When you hear the word PayPal, for most people, the first thing that comes to mind is payment security. This is especially true when it comes to online retail.

PayPal securely stores a user's payment information (bank account, credit card, etc.) within their profile. When online shoppers are able to checkout via PayPal, that adds a level of convenience as they don't have to enter their card information manually. What's more, many online shoppers feel more comfortable utilizing PayPal as a payment method when placing an order as opposed to directly entering their payment information online. There are over 200 million active users that look for this way to pay. As such, online retailers that utilize PayPal see a substanitally large increase in sales. Taking these factors into account and with identity theft at an all time high, retailers should seriously consider having this online payment option on their website.

Ability SmartSite Ecommerce Platform and Ability CCS Order Management System both have PayPal integration and seamlessly work together to process PayPal orders. SmartSite allows a shopper to pay via PayPal through Express Checkout. This feature offers the ease, convenience, and security of PayPal, which turns more shoppers into buyers. Customers can also bypass guest checkout pages and avoid entering any shipping or billing information.

Once checkout is complete and the order is placed, all order information is sent via our Whisper functionality to CCS OMS. From there, CCS users can process, pick, pack, and ship PayPal orders and settle them once payment from PayPal is received.

For even more convenience, SmartSite and CCS offer PayPal Credit integration as well. With this feature, online shoppers are issued a credit line where they can pay for their purchase over time. When PayPal Credit is offered, online shoppers tend to spend more and retailers see a considerable increase in transaction size.

To learn more about CCS OMS, SmartSite, and how we can improve your retail business, contact us today!

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