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Order Management

Empowering Your Multi-Channel Retail Business

Successful and growing single-channel and multi-channel retailers recognize the importance of a robust and scalable order management system. Ability CCS goes beyond basic order management and handles the entire life-cycle of your daily business operations—from sourcing your inventory to depositing funds from completed orders.

Key Benefits

  • Handles all functions of your commerce operation
  • Cloud or on-premise
  • Staff with centuries of combined experience in the multichannel industry
  • Order Management Software designed by users for users
  • Seamless integration to/from Ecommerce
  • 100% US based

Ability CCS Features

  • Access to complete order history with quick viewing of orders in full-detail form
  • Detailed customer lookup with information on millions of customers
  • Address book & contact support with the ability to house multiple ship-to addresses
  • Convenient segregation tool allowing definition of a customer type for a given customer record
  • Customer pricing options allowing custom pricing campaigns based on a per customer level
  • Specific purchasing & receiving fields and one click access to purchase order inquiry
  • Inventory review screen provides a snapshot of inventory for a given division.
  • Unlimited user defined fields with instant usage once set up
  • Complex inventory handling supporting multiple divisions of inventory fulfillable from multiple warehouse locations
  • Bill of materials processing with assembly, disassembly & cost tracking
  • Fully integrated with Ability CCS
  • Superior security features to protect data
  • User-friendly interface
  • Affordable pricing
  • Rapid report generation
  • Curve based source codes are attached to campaigns and they determine what pricing schedule a customer can receive.
  • Campaign management allows user to define key elements concerning tracking and duration of a campaign.
  • Data tracking provides complete data auditing.
  • Promotional pricing & price list maintenance
  • Order entry module provides detailed information for ordering.
  • Integrated inventory sales visibility provides up-to-date sales history at all times.
  • Auto handling of drop ship & payment processing
  • Backorder reallocation
  • Web/fulfillment customer integration
  • Security control access uses a three-part credit card encryption key.
  • Color-coded, balance transfer & due payments on account
  • Batch authorizations, settlements & deposits using batch interfaces
  • Unlimited payment types & multiple payment methods
  • Credit card verification & payment release interface
  • Complete management of your warehouse
  • Custom print queues with user-defined invoice printing
  • Mail order batching with un-disruptive batch orders
  • Multiple shipping system integrations for your needs
  • Data import utility
  • Manager dashboards providing real-time information
  • Sales tax based on location & support for non-taxable customers
  • Schedule your tasks automatically with command line utility interface.
  • Audit trail viewer providing additional & customizable audit security
  • List maintenance utility for table driven settings
  • A/R integration with QuickBooks for infinitely customizable displays of products
  • Ability to integrate to Microsoft Dynamics GP Accounting & Financial Software
  • Refund check/credit slip over-payment processing
  • Internal A/R capabilities, accounts receivable & aging processes
  • More than 50 stock reports & unlimited customization of your reporting needs
  • User rights/roles driven menu & function access with individual staff rights/roles
  • Infinitely customizable report options including user definable Crystal reports
  • Inventory valuation report with three valuation methods
  • Database layouts provided to facilitate your day-to-day tasks