Want to promote subsets of products or specific brands each with their own domain?

With Microsite Enablement, Ability SmartSite Ecommerce Platform is the answer.
  • Easily Deployed
  • Run on Separate Domains
  • Powered by Ability SmartSite
Download the Ability SmartSite data sheet.

Microsites are a great way to market to niche audiences with site specific branding. Complimentary to your main site, a microsite offers you the ability to deliver highly targeted content with specific calls to action… a marketer’s dream.

SmartSite Ecommerce Platform from Ability Commerce makes it easy to leverage your main SmartSite shopping cart across your microsites, as many as you want. Microsite enablement is pre-built into SmartSite. Simply use our SmartSite buy button on your microsites and voila, you are ready to expand your ecommerce opportunity!

The button can be tied to specific individual items and added to your microsites. When clicked, the button will convert to an input form and walk the online shopper through a checkout process without leaving the microsite offering a great online customer experience.

Microsite enablement is one of many Ability SmartSite features. Learn about additional features by reviewing the data sheet.

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