Items, Styles & Kits

Items, Styles & Kits


With Ability CCS Order Management Software, creating and maintain item SKUs is a seamless process. Users will have access to vital item information - including Description, Product Group, Retail Price, UPC, and more - all in one place!

Within the Inventory Maintenance tab of CCS, users can view and/or change the below information for each SKU:

  • Status – View important item information including Quantity Available, Quantity on Shelf, Quantity Committed, Quantity on Backorder, Quantity on Purchase Orders, Product ID, Expected Date, and Default Price.
  • Pricing – Change the price of your SKUs within various price lists.
  • Personalization – Easily add templates to your SKUs so products can be engraved and personalized.
  • Attributes - Add an unlimited number of user defined attributes to each item within specific product classes.
  • KITS/BOM – View kit/bundles and Bill of Materials each item belongs to.
  • Warehouse – Access and change box, bin and warehouse locations of your items and the quantities within.
  • Division Quantity – View the warehouse locations of your items within each division (i.e. Web, Store, Catalog, etc.)
  • Tax & Shipping – Configure tax and shipping information and charges within each SKU.
  • Vendors – Maintain item vendor information and dropshipping services all on one screen.
  • Purchasing – View cost information for inventory purchases and open purchase orders.
  • Assets - Manage inventory assets, such as file images, links to other websites, of files uploaded to the web server.
  • Related & Xref – Add related items and cross references to SKUs within CCS.
  • Sales – View all sales information for your specified SKU, including Open Orders, Closed Orders, Open Backorders, Monthly Sales, and Weekly Sales.
  • Notes – Create important notes for users to see either within Order Entry or on printed Invoices.


With Ability CCS, the style possibilities are endless! Create and maintain an unlimited amount of item specifications and values (i.e. colors, sizes, patterns, etc.) for your items. Once these are created, CCS users can easily view all style SKUs created and edit them on one screen!


Managing your item bundles and kits are effortless in CCS. Our software allows for the creation of static kits (kits that do not contain items with various styles) and variable kits (kits that contain items with style choices).

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