Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Inventory is money. Pretty simple fact. You need to know where your money is and you need to be able to manage it efficiently to have more of it.


In order to sell products profitably, you need to buy products profitably. You need to know what quantity of which size and color you ordered, what you agreed to pay, how much shipping is agreed to. Then you need to know if you got what you order for the prices you agreed to. Seems easy... it should be... it is with CCS.


Do you personalize or customize your products to help them stand out from the crowd? Our personalization will blow your mind. Charge by letter, by word, by product or don't charge at all. Pick your color, pick your font, pick which envelope goes with each card... we handle almost anything. 

Items, Styles & Kits

We have a place for all of those little pieces of info. Descriptions, UPC, GTINs, images, price, weight, brand, vendor, etc. 

What size or color sells best? Styles make items easier to buy, easier to display and easier to sell. 

Like to bundle? Static kits, variable kits, we love kits!


Keep data on all of the vendors you buy from. 

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