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In this digital age, online shopping has become more prominent than ever before. For multi-channel retailers, an ecommerce website solution that delivers optimized shopping experiences across all devices, particularly mobile, is key. What's more, with data breaches on the rise, your ecommerce software must be compliant with the latest security standards to protect your customer data. Ability SmartSite Ecommerce Website Platform offers a world class feature set for full control of your online channel.

SmartSite was created with more than 30 years of experience and best practices behind every thought in functionality and development. It is infinitely scalable and includes features not typically available in the base offering of most competing solutions, including a powerful onsite search, search engine friendly mobile site, robust cart and checkout, ratings and reviews functionality, microsite enablement, and more! Additionally, SmartSite is web accessible, compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as the latest standards of the PCI Security Council.

Key Benefits

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SmartSite Ecommerce Platform Features

Customizable Product Pages

  • Optimized item-page templates allow you to quickly change how to market your items and the unique layout of your page with the click of a button. Having the advantage to display your items in lists, grids or styles (depending on your industry) will showcase your products and help you sell smarter.

Image Gallery

  • Showcase all angles of your products including 3D images, rotating images, tiny, thumbnail, large, and extra-large sizes in every color option that is available in your product.


  • Offer shoppers the ability to purchase multiple items together. Your shopper will be able to choose what items they want in their package and what variables they want them in, as well as the option to build and customize their individual products based on what they want and choose.

Alert Me Functionality

  • SmartSite’s Alert Me feature lets shoppers know when the products they want are back in stock, on sale or when similar items they want become available.

Video & Manual Galleries

  • Increase conversions by displaying product and how-to videos while engaging shoppers in an innovational way.

Cross-Selling & Upselling Functionality

  • Shoppers can see related items, add-on products and recommended accessories through their shopping experience and checkout process while you see an increase in average order size.

Federated Login

  • Let your shoppers sign in to their accounts using their Google, Yahoo or Bing user accounts before they checkout from your site. This allows shoppers to be free from having to setup separate login accounts for different websites and keeps website developers from the task of implementing login authentication measures.

Integrated Floating Cart

  • The integrated one-page floating cart features make shopping faster and more convenient. These features include updating your items, continue shopping, checkout, and different pricing options—all of these are provided without the customer leaving the product detail.

Maximized Pricing & Promotional Functionality

  • Promotion codes can be created, previewed/tested and timed down to the minute of specified date. Many settings are available to give shoppers discounts on their order, certain items, shipping, and more. Depending on the unique URL used to enter your site, shoppers will see different pricing and promotions. SmartSite’s source codes will track the specific source of entry of your shopper. SmartSite’s URLs drive the price the shopper sees on the site allowing you to run multiple promotion and marketing campaigns at once.

Filters & Attributes

  • Help your shoppers find what they want faster with filters and attributes which consist of sorting by popularity, price, and number of items on a page as well as many other attributes. This helps a shopper drill down to an exact match or something similar to what they are already searching.

Graphics & Banners Based on IP Address

  • SmartSite allows you to showcase a product bar that is segmented on geographic location allowing you to sell products that are more prevalent in different locations around the country. The feature also allows you to modify shipment dates by identifying how far a shopper lives from a distribution center.

International Presence

  • Make shopping easy for people around the globe who want to purchase your products. Currency exchange makes it easy to work with different types of legal tender, as well as international payment options and international shipping.

Easy Creation of Meta Tags & Header Tags

  • Search engines use a variety of indicators to determine if your page is relevant to shopper’s searches, but meta data, such as title tags and H1 tags, are foundational and make your site highly visible. Meta Data makes the topic of the page clear to search engines. You’ll have the capability to edit or customize your meta data to better control the information that is delivered to Google and other major search engines.

Search Engine Friendly URLs

  • SmartSite creates Search Engine friendly URLs that typically remove unsightly symbols and shorten URLs. Keyword rich URLs are also added at the end of each page on your website to further optimize your pages for the right search results and to keep your rankings high on major search engines.

Canonical URLs

  • SmartSite’s URL tool helps prevent duplicate content. Canonical URLs are used to prevent being penalized from major search engines when you have duplicate content, or have more than one URL that points to the same page. When Google or any other search engine crawls the page, it will see the Canonical URL and this is what it recognizes as the “official” URL of the page. It will use this URL to index the site instead of the one used to access the page.

Redirect Control for URLs

  • Removing pages from your site does not remove the effort that was dedicated to ensuring they are found by search engines; these dead pages or dead links on your site can mistakenly direct shoppers to these inactive pages. SmartSite functionality allows you to create custom error pages for dead pages and provide redirection controls for discontinued products.

Discontinued Logic

  • When you have a product that is discontinued, the link URL will remain active if a shopper is looking for that item specifically. This allows the shopper to be informed on the item's discontinued status. The page will hide the price of the item and show a message that the product is discontinued. Additionally the page will ask them if they would like to see replacement products that are similar to what they are looking for.

Keyword Cloud

  • Our robust and enhanced Keyword Cloud feature is used when writing content for your site. This feature presents keywords that are used the most on your product pages. This tool is used to keep SEO-rich content on your site so it is better positioned to be picked up by major search engines.

Breadcrumb Trails

  • Our convenient breadcrumb trail is a navigation tool that allows a user to see where the current page is in relation to the Web site's hierarchy. With not only one, but two sets of trails— brand and category— your shopper will be able to easily navigate through your site to find what they are looking for faster.

Auto-Generated Site Map

  • By providing search engines an organized XML sitemap of your website's content, you increase your chances of directing potential customers to your online store. Provide your shoppers an auto-generated sitemap that updates every time you add new products and content, serving as a shortcut for search engines to locate new content quickly.

Site Architecture & Taxonomy

  • Not only does an efficient link path network help your users get to their purchases quicker, it also signals to search engines that your site is worthy to be displayed in top search engine listings. The site architecture and taxonomy of SmartSite allows you to provide a well-organized and highly navigable product display, all of which creates an intuitive and enhanced shopping experience.

Accounts & Membership Functionality

  • SmartSite has an integrated membership functionality that allows members to receive great discounts on your products which will entice them to remain life-long customers. You can track trends of your membership base and tailor your marketing campaigns. Additionally, members and online account holders will have a user profile and other unique features.

Share on Social Media

  • SmartSite integrates with all the major social sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others. All of the customer pages built for your site will include links to your social media favorites. This allows you to share brand information with your social networks and increase your brand awareness to non-customers and provide content outside your web store.

Web Accessible and ADA Compliant

  • Keyboard Navigation on page elements (including strong keyboard focus indicator)
  • Screen reader accessibility on page elements
  • Various other customizations and code improvements for compliance with WCAG

PCI Security Compliance

  • Strongest encryption protocols
  • Regular PCI & Security Vulnerability Scans
  • Credit Card Tokenization integrated with multiple different payment processors
  • Utilizes the most current Server Side Validation and reCAPTCHA techniques

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