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Data breaches continue to loom as an ever present threat to ecommerce sites. As technology advances and evolves, online attacks are increasing not only in frequency, but in sophistication. Ability SmartSite is our robust ecommerce platform designed by users, for users. It is equipped with the latest security features and is compliant with the latest standards of the PCI Security Council. At Ability Commerce, we recognize that data security is vital. As such, every method used to prevent security breaches is core to our software.

Key Security Features
  • Coding and design patterns follow strict adherence to secure software development and OWASP standards
  • SmartSite has no known vulnerabilities as PCI & Security Vulnerability Scans are run regularly to detect even the smallest of threats.
  • The strongest encryption and protocols (TLS1.2) are enforced.
  • There is no cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection or any other vulnerabilities or weaknesses identified in the code.
  • Ability Commerce proactively stays in front of new vulnerabilities and remediates them long before it becomes a PCI compliance requirement.
  • Includes Credit Card Tokenization integrated with multiple different payment processors
  • Utilizes the most current Server Side Validation and reCAPTCHA techniques
  • Prevents abuse from users and bots by proactively recognizing and preventing any slow DDoS attacks and general malicious behavior

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