Ecommerce Platform Training

Ecommerce Platform Training

Training Courses
Merchandising - Item Management (For example managing web display and purchasing options)
Marketing - Pricing, Sources, Promotions, Using File Library
Data Uploads - Image, Data such as related items, BOGO items, Item description, etc.
Site Taxonomy - Menu Nodes, Invisible Menus, Static Pages, Using File Library
Smart Search - Maximizing search results for maximum conversion
Reporting - Using Reports to improve efficiency and productivity
Administrator - User Management, Settings and Controls
Microsite - Increase conversion and traffic with microsites
Site Fan - Reviews and Ratings, Possibly Discussions
New Hire Training

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    Training FAQs

    Registration Questions:
    How do I register for a course?
    To register for a course in our training program, complete the online registration form linked with the course schedule. If the course you are interested in does not have a schedule published you can request a training to be scheduled for your Team by completing the online Registration form. Once the form is received, a member of our Team will reply with the training course fee. Upon your approval of the course fee, the Trainer will confirm course availability and proceed with scheduling.

    What happens if I register and am unable to attend the course scheduled?
    Provided you have completed the proper course registration and applicable fees have been paid, the course will be offered to you via recording in the event of a failure to attend.

    Training Course Questions:
    Do I have to travel? / What applications are needed for training?
    Our Training courses take place online via WebEx. No special applications or travel is necessary.

    How do I access my training course?
    Once the registration is complete, participants will receive an email confirmation with the session title, date and time details along with links to join the online session.

    Can we request onsite training?
    You can request onsite training with our Training instructor. This would be completed through the Training Registration form. Note: Additional fees will apply for onsite training.

    How long are training courses?
    Most training courses are 30-60 minute sessions. Some training courses exceed 60 minutes, those are identified with an *.

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