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Cart & Checkout

Creating an effortless purchasing experience is indispensible to an online retailer’s business. The cart and checkout pages should have structured layouts that make it easy for the customer to view exactly what they’re purchasing and a detailed summary of cost. Smartsite’s secure shopping cart and checkout functions contain customizable features that boost efficiency and payment security while maintaining user-friendly attributes.
  • Floating Cart feature allows the shoppers the option to Continue Shopping or Go to Cart (once they select an item) without leaving the page they’re currently on. The layout is able to include one or all of the following:
    • “Continue Shopping” or “Go to Cart” buttons
    • Preview of items currently in cart with thumbnail display
    • Preview of items related to the one most recently added to cart
  • Detailed item information is available on the cart page, including:
    • Item image
    • Description
    • Item #
    • Pricing
    • Stock information
    • Icons
    • Attributes (i.e. color of item)
    • Item quantity (which is able to be changed)
  • Multiple shipping time frames are displayed with their prices, and the Total Cost of the cart changes immediately as different options are selected. Shipping customization also includes:
    • Residential or Business address selection
    • Ship to Billing Address selection
  • Customers are able to complete their purchase as a Guest or login with their personal account.
  • Multiple payment configurations are offered, including:
    • PayPal login and checkout
    • PayPal Credit
    • Installment payment options
    • Gift card/promo code options
    • Gift message options
  • Credit Card Tokenization keeps customer payment information secure and is integrated with multiple payment processors
  • Customers will be able to view and print the confirmation page that displays a detailed summary of their completed order.

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