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SMS Message Marketing

Ability Commerce is pleased to announce our SMS Messaging Services. SMS messaging is a great add on to your existing marketing efforts using the SmartSite Ecommerce Platform. You can reach your customers through promotional messaging, product alerts, and tracking shipments to improve overall customer experience.

SMS Promotional Texts

Text messaging gives a boost to your traditional marketing efforts and creates a sense of urgency to act. Having a sale with a short window? Exclusive, hot product you want to get out to your customers first? Now you can create a text only campaign or enhance your email programs with SMS.

Order Tracking Texts

Keep your customers informed so they know when their web order ships and receive their ordertracking number to keep track of package delivery.

“NOTIFY ME” Alert Texts

If you’ve been using the Notify Me functionality in SmartSite for price drops, rebate announcements and in-stock notifications of products to customers, you’ve been limited to sending notifications by email. Now you can add SMS to text customers when that back ordered item is in stock and text for any special rebate or price drop notifications on customer favorites.

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