When a retailer reaches customers via multiple channels, tracking the effectiveness of each effort is essential. Like source codes, campaigns are an integral part of tracking in multi-channel marketing. Retailers create campaigns in their order management system for each point of contact with customers. These point of contacts can include catalog mailing, emails, social media, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, and more!

Each campaign created is tied to a price list, which will drive the pricing your that particular retail channel. When you create a source code, you will select the associated campaign to go with it to track customer response. Multiple source codes can be tied to one campaign depending on the format of the channel or promotion.

With Ability CCS Order Management System (OMS), campaign creation is easy. Users can specify the following:

  • Division the campaign will be tied to (i.e. web, catalog, store, Amazon, etc.)
  • Campaign name
  • Description
  • Price list
  • Campaign type
  • Begin date
  • End date
  • Circulation (for catalog purposes)
  • Production cost
  • Mailing cost
  • Source code required check box
  • Campaign Pages section (this is for specifying pages in a catalog or flyer)
  • Define by ranges of pages
  • Define by single page

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