Black Friday Cyber Monday Checklist

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Checklist

Are you ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

With the holiday season just around the corner, if consumers haven’t already started their holiday shopping, they will soon.

According to survey data*, Black Friday is projected to be the biggest shopping day of the year. Cyber Monday is a close second. What’s more, 68% of consumers plan to do most of their shopping online. Both days bring tremendous opportunity to succeed or to fail. When planned correctly, Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be the two most profitable days of the year for a retailer.

However, if a retailer is ill-equipped, disaster can ensue.

View our checklist below!

Black Friday Check MarkMobile Friendly

First and foremost, ensure that your ecommerce site has optimal performance across all types of handheld devices. In this digital age, convenience is key and mobile is king. Today’s average consumers do a great deal of shopping on their mobile phones and expect an experience just as seamless as the one you offer on your desktop site.

Black Friday Check MarkCompetitive Sales

The bottom line is, competitive pricing is one of the most important factors (behind product quality) in consumer decision making this holiday shopping season*. With so many sales and deals occurring simultaneously, standing out in the crowd is essential. An enticing promotion, slashed prices on a range of items, or a coupon/freebie offer of some sort will draw the eye of consumers.

Black Friday Check MarkShipping Deals

Another perk shoppers will be keen to take advantage of are shipping offers, primarily free shipping*. In the age of ultimate convenience with Amazon Prime, consumer expectations for fast, easy delivery are higher than ever. So even if you don’t offer free shipping, keep in mind that consumers placing orders on your site will most likely expect their order to be delivered very quickly and without any inconvenience or delay.

Black Friday Check MarkCall Center Preparation

Just as you expect to have an influx of orders on your ecommerce site, you can also expect to receive more calls in your Contact Center. Your agents will need to be prepped in advance for this higher call volume and be aware of all promotions and sales currently occurring on your site. Unanswered calls will mean lost sales. If feasible, hire a third party service for overflow calls in the event your call center becomes overloaded.

Black Friday Check MarkAmazon

Survey data also shows that Amazon will be the #1 retailer consumers will go to search for deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday*. That said, if you have a presence on the Amazon Marketplace, you will gain greater exposure to holiday weekend shoppers looking for an irresistible deal. Whenever possible, incorporate your Black Friday/Cyber Monday price reductions to the products being sold on your Amazon store.

Black Friday Check MarkOrder Management, Fulfillment and Warehouse Preparation

While a shopper’s experience on the front-end is extremely important, preparation in your back-end operations cannot be underestimated. Planning and organization will ensure that orders go out correctly - and on time. Make sure inventory levels on your promotional items are sufficient and that information is accurately reflected in your order management system. Fulfillment and warehouse processes put in place should be reviewed and reiterated. Like with your call center agents, warehouse workers should be ready and equipped to handle a higher order amount than usual. You might even consider adding a personal touch to packaging (i.e. a “Thank You” customer insert) for that extra “wow” factor.

As a retailer, it’s important to provide the best experience possible to consumers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While profitable sales is the main focus, achieving buyer satisfaction should be equally important. Retailers must utilize these two major shopping days as opportunities to perfect their direct commerce processes, bring back existing customers, and obtain new, lifelong customers.

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