Marketplace Services

Marketplace Services

With Amazon’s growing power in the ecommerce industry, multi-channel retailers can increase profitability now more than ever by selling their products on the Amazon Marketplace. Ability’s Amazon Product Suite ensures a streamlined selling experience on Amazon for retailers utilizing Ability’s SmartSite Ecommerce and/or CCS Order Management solutions. Ability also supports JDA/Ecometry and Manhattan Active Omni.

Key Benefits

  • Integration with Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) program
  • Enables product information to be uploaded to Amazon from the Ability-hosted content management system (CMS)
  • Provides automatic inventory quantity updates on Amazon using data housed in CMS
  • Downloads and imports Amazon orders into Ability CCS, JDA/Ecometry, or Manhattan Active Omni
  • Uploads order status updates from Ability CCS, JDA/Ecometry, or Manhattan Active Omni back to Amazon, triggering communication from Amazon to the customer, like order acknowledgement and cancellation
  • Fully managed by Ability or Retailer

Deployment of Amazon Product Suite

  • Ability Channel Feed, the program responsible for generating XML files for updating product information and inventory quantity on Amazon, is hosted by Ability in conjunction with CMS.
  • Ability CCS Order Communicator, the program that controls order download, import, and status updates to/from Amazon for CCS clients, resides alongside CCS on premise.
  • Ability Communicator, the program that controls order download, import, and status updates to/from Amazon for JDA/Ecometry and Manhattan Active Omni clients, is hosted by Ability. This software also processes the XML files generated by Ability Channel Feed.
  • Ability Amazon Gateway, a program that loads CSV files generated by Ability Communicator into JDA/Ecometry using batch order entry, resides alongside JDA/Ecometry on premise. The program uses its own tables within the JDA/Ecometry database to store the Amazon order details and continuously checks JDA/Ecometry for order changes, including acknowledgement, shipments, cancellations and returns.

Multiple Service Options

  • Ability SmartStaff Digital Marketing Services
    • Merchandising
      • Basic: Amazon-friendly bullet points, Amazon-compatible product groups, and adjusting inventory thresholds as needed
      • Advanced: search terms and style keywords, department, and various department-specific attributes (e.g., clothing type and material/ fabric)
    • Amazon order process management
    • Amazon error monitoring and resolution
  • Ability Contact Center
    • Amazon-related customer care: email response on Amazon orders to ensure Amazon seller rating compliance

Why trust Ability Commerce for your Amazon Marketplace selling needs?

For nearly 20 years, Ability Commerce has empowered ecommerce and catalog retailers to achieve success by providing powerful ecommerce and OMS platform solutions and affordable, comprehensive services. Named one of Internet Retailer’s 2018 Leading Vendors of the Top 1,000 E-Retail Clients, our solutions enable mid-market companies to acquire, convert, and retain customers more efficiently.

Marketplace Product Suite

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