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Having an intuitive search bar on your website allows customers easy access to the products they’re searching for. Ability SmartSite comes with a built in Site Search, a superior search functionality that utilizes Elasticsearch technology. This is an integrated feature in SmartSite that, with competing Ecommerce solutions, would have to be purchased through a third party vendor. With our Site Search, accuracy coupled with blazing speed ensures that customers and potential buyers find their intended products as quickly as possible.
  • Intuitive search functionality populates a list in the search suggestions menu based off of two or more letters the customer types in the search bar.
    • Misspelling/plural algorithm recognizes a customer’s plural form of a word or incorrect spelling and is able to display the most likely alternatives and suggestions.
    • Mundane words/characters are automatically excluded in search (i.e. and, a, &, in).
  • The search suggestion menu is highly customizable and is able to be displayed by one or all of the following categories:
    • Keywords
    • Brands
    • Categories
    • Informational Pages
    • Top Products (displayed as thumbnail with review rating)
  • Customers are able to search for static pages (i.e. shipping information page, return policy page).
  • Real Time Search actively displays the most current search terms used by customers in Content Management.
  • Search Term Report provides insight into how customers search on your website, whether they used an exact search term or if a selection was chosen from AutoComplete.
    • Results are able to be displayed by date range.
    • IP address is displayed to determine the location of the search source.
    • Report is able to be exported into Excel format.
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