Newsletter 6 2018 – TLS Requirements Have Changed – Are You Compliant?

July 17, 2017 News & Resources


TLS Requirements Have Changed - Are You Compliant?

In recent years, the Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol, the protocol that passes information securely between two systems, has undergone changes to improve protection against online attacks. This month, Ability Commerce announced its upgrade to the highest security protocol standard, TLS 1.2. The deadline for companies to upgrade to TLS 1.1 or higher was June 30th, 2018. Companies who have not met this deadline no longer meet the PCI Data Security Standard and are more vulnerable to data breaches. To learn more about this new security standard, visit the PCI Security Standards Council blog.


Register Early for the 2019 User Summit to Save!

Early Bird Registration is now open and for the 2019 User Summit! Reserve your spot today for our annual networking event and save $100 off your registration fee. The User Summit next year will take place March 5th through the 8th at The Seagate Hotel and Spa, where discounted room rates are available only for our attendees. This new, luxury venue is located just one block from the ocean in the heart of downtown Delray Beach, offering a number of special amenities for guests. Register today and book your room to save!


Chase Paymentech Changes Coming Soon.

If you are using Chase Paymentech, please be aware that an upcoming Visa® mandate will require authorizations for purchase returns (or refunds). Effective April 12th, 2019, merchants must support purchase returns authorizations. This is similar to the existing requirement for purchases. Please contact your Chase representative to ensure this is enabled and tested in a test environment well before the April 12th deadline. If you need assistance with this, please feel free to contact us for a quote to complete this requirement. View more detailed information on changes from Chase for fees and support requirements (based on how your authorizations are submitted).


Latest SmartSite Upgrade Include Geolocation Enhancements & File Library Functionality

SmartSite is Ability’s ecommerce platform that contains multiple features to simplify the creation and management of optimized ecommerce sites for retailers. The latest upgrade for SmartSite includes a geolocation enhancement for currency and a File Library functionality. Through geolocation, SmartSite users can set a site user’s currency based on their country of origin. Additionally, if a site user is logged in to their online account, the currency tied to their profile will display. With the new File Library functionality, SmartSite users are able to upload and manage files instead of manually having to add them to a server. When a file is uploaded, users are easily able to see file details, add additional information, generate HTML code, and remove files in bulk whenever needed. These enhancements are the newest additions in an array of features offered in Ability SmartSite Ecommerce Platform. To learn more, download our SmartSite Data Sheet.