Ability Commerce Announces Partnership with Taurus Software to Support Ecometry Users

January 20, 2015 - Ability Commerce, a leading provider of direct commerce enterprise resource planning (ERP) retail software, announced today their new partnership with Taurus Software, a JDA Commerce/Ecometry solutions provider specializing in a variety of applications designed to move, map, measure and manage data regardless of where the data resides.

“Taurus provides true expertise with the way they can make use of data, regardless of where or how it resides. As a bonus to this partnership, because we are both alliance partners to JDA, each offering services and solutions to their base, we can together offer strategic path options to their Direct Commerce (Ecometry) base on how to migrate to our back-end ERP,” said Shawn Ellen, Director of Sales and Marketing for Ability Commerce.

Ability Commerce has added Taurus, a Summit sponsor, to their list of presenters for their Ability Commerce User Summit, March 11-13 in Delray Beach, FL.

About Taurus Software
“Making Data Liquid” is Taurus Software’s approach to data. No matter where it resides, no matter what the format, our products and services are designed to let your data flow. Having access to data is more than a convenience for businesses – it is critical. Since 1987, Taurus’ products have been used to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data between various database formats and platforms. Taurus’ DataBridger and BridgeWare products simplify the tasks involved in data warehouse building, data integration, data synchronization, data cleansing, data quality, and data migration. For more information about Taurus Software, visit their site at www.taurus-software.com

About Ability Commerce
Ability Commerce is a leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) direct commerce retail platforms that help growing retail businesses increase revenue, reduce overhead and engage with their customers. The company ranked No. 3 in the Marketplace Management category on Internet Retailer’s 2014 list of Top Second Collective 500 (“Second 500”) Leaders. Its comprehensive software solutions, which enable companies to acquire, convert and retain customers more efficiently, include Ability CCS (ERP backend platform) and the SmartSite ecommerce platform. Also, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, Ability Commerce offers the Microsoft Dynamics GP solution.