Order Management

Enterprise Order Management

Empowering Your Multi-Channel Retail Business

With customer expectations continuously increasing across multiple retail selling channels, it is more important than ever to have an enterprise order management system (OMS) capable of profitably managing high volumes of order lifecycles within a fully secure environment.

Whether your direct commerce company sells to individuals (B2C) or businesses (B2B) via marketplace, store, contact center, website, or mobile, Ability’s Comprehensive Commerce Suite (CCS) OMS serves as a central hub to ensure efficient, profitable, and on time execution of each and every order.

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“The Ability Commerce CCS Order Management System has greatly increased our operating efficiency by allowing us to not only process phone orders but also seamlessly feed inventory to, and process orders from, other sales channels like our website and Amazon.”


Steve Shapiro
Director of Technology
Music Direct

Manage Your Inventory


A true enterprise order management solution must offer inventory visibility across all your sources of supply. Ability’s OMS provides inventory visibility across areas like warehouses and store locations. You will be able to boost inventory control management throughout your company using robust planning, replenishment and warehouse management capabilities.

Set Pricing Lists & Launch Marketing Campaigns


No matter your size, or whether you are B2B or B2C, having strategic marketing campaigns is a key to success. Products require prices, yet those prices may vary depending on the campaign being run. Ability’s OMS maintains multiple price lists and campaign types, and captures the source code used by your customer for each of their orders. This data can then be used to more effectively launch other campaigns which leads to increased conversion rates and additional revenue.

Order Entry


Ability’s OMS automates and manages the life cycle of orders to ensure that commitments are fulfilled. You will have complete control and visibility of orders as they are validated, released, shipment confirmed, and settled. This type of visibility allows your customer service teams to heighten the customer experience by allowing them to identify the exact stage of an order. For those retailers that mail catalogs or have stores or call centers, the platform has both order entry and POS capabilities, intuitively designed to increase the speed and efficiency of order taking and provide customers with an exceptional experience.

Securely Authorize Payments


These days, credit card security is paramount. It is essential that platforms are not only PA-DSS certified, but that the certification is current. We are proud to boast that we are PA-DSS v3.1 certified with security control access using a three-part credit card encryption key which ensures safe payment for customers. Our OMS offers unlimited payment types and multiple payment methods.

Pick, Pack and Ship


Ability’s warehouse management capabilities extend to fulfillment providers. Use of our advanced pick, pack and ship functionality as well as integration with key shipping providers allows you to deliver fulfillment excellence, including orders that require assembly or personalization.

Manage Marketplaces with Ease


Marketplace selling can be profitable if managed properly. Otherwise, it can be time intensive making sure that item data and orders are synced while adhering to marketplace specific requirements. The Ability Marketplace Portal helps retailers using Ability OMS to seamlessly exchange data with marketplaces through ChannelAdvisor integration, without any additional integration needed. It takes the guesswork out of marketplace specific attribute requirements and addresses any structural changes, seamlessly translates/distributes item listings across marketplaces (inventory, custom attributes, classifications, variations, and marketplace pricing), and synchronizes orders. Your marketplace orders are treated as well as your website orders to ensure a great customer experience regardless of the sales channel.