Enterprise Ecommerce Platform

Fast, Feature Rich and Personalized Shopping Experiences Across All Devices

Ability’s SmartSite Ecommerce Platform (ECP) allows you to deliver a consistent brand experience to your shoppers by providing you with full creative control over your website. Our platform services multiple business models, whether you are small or large, or sell to individuals (B2C) or businesses (B2B).

We provide a flexible and scalable web storefront, enabling richly branded, highly personalized and engaging shopping experiences. Customers are able to find their products easily, in turn driving conversion rates and growing your ecommerce business.

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“Deciding who to choose as your web partner can be daunting, however I have no hesitation in recommending Ability Commerce to any company around the world. They have never let us down and have in fact far exceeded our expectations many times.”

Richard Caunt
General Manager
Rimmer Bros

Powerful, Insightful Search


Not all search modules are alike, and we boast to having one of the most robust on the market. Using Elasticsearch technology as the foundation of our advanced search feature, we get shoppers to the products they want to see fast, as our search box extends to display both product images and product reviews right as you begin typing. There is no need to pay heavily for similar capabilities from 3rd parties search providers, as this robust feature is included within our platform.

Opitmized Mobile Shopping Experience


Far superior to generic responsive design, our mobile solution functions as a combination of a mobile app and traditional website app. Generic responsive design merely shrinks content to fit nicely within the screen resolution of the device used. Ours allows you to configure a different mobile presentation layer for Home, Navigation and Item pages, giving shoppers an enhanced mobile experience while increasing mobile conversion rates.

Seamless & Secure Checkout


Creating a secure and effortless purchasing experience is indispensable for online success. Security is paramount to us, which is why we’ve invested heavily in ensuring credit card data remains safe, while providing a simple shopping checkout process. This provides an enhanced shopping experience and leads to increased conversion rates.

Increase Conversion with Ratings & Reviews


When used strategically, ratings and reviews can be a powerful piece of social proof that these features can persuade people to buy. Features like these are costly when purchased from 3rd parties as an add-on. However, ours is included with the platform. The value of ratings and reviews relies heavily on how effective you can get buyers to fill out forms, which is why many of our clients leverage our marketing service experts to help maximizing ratings and reviews ROI.

Sophisticated Merchandising


Success in ecommerce relies heavily on your ability to effectively merchandise your products. Pages need to be compelling, engaging and display relevant images and content about the product, as well as their related items. Our clients can do a bulk upload of detailed product data directly into the content management system (CMS) for fast and easy population into correct menus, brands and groups. Merchandisers can then easily manipulate attributes by using the simple, yet sophisticated set of CMS features.

Impactful Marketing


Your marketing team can create personalized, impactful promotions using our ecommerce platform, while running multiple marketing campaigns concurrently. Depending on the unique URL used to enter your site, shoppers will see different pricing and promotions with source codes tracked for reporting. We make it easy for your marketers to promote products with personalized banners based on shopper entry to the site and their demographics.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Organic search is the largest driver of website traffic. When SEO best practices are followed, it is a critical tool to drive traffic to websites. Many consumers often perceive organic search results as more authentic than results that are achieved through paid placement. Our ecommerce platform provides you with improved search engine visibility and rankings through a wide range of SEO friendly features, including automatically generated meta data tags, site map, keyword rich canonical URLs, page re-directs, and landing pages for discontinued products.

Build Brand Loyalty with Social Media


Our ecommerce platform integrates with major social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, allowing your customers to share their favorite products on their social media networks. Sharing on their networks promotes and increases brand awareness to new shoppers with validation from people they are close to.